2015-2016 PGI: Personal Growth and Involvement

District Chairman: Michael Brown

                       Email: michaelebrown79@yahoo.com

                             c: (706) 825-804

PGI is your passport to personal development, increased member involvement and Club growth. Participation in PGI offers Members the opportunity for personal growth while working at their own pace.

Each club should appoint a Club Director of Personal Growth. The level achievements for each member should be submitted to the District Chairman. These will then be forwarded to Optimist International for the awards to be presented at the District meeting. The deadline dates are indicated on the submission form.

Reports are due on the 5th of October; 5th of January; 5th of April and the 5th of July in order to receive the levels from OI to present at the District Conference or Convention


PGI Information Handout


PGI Program Presentation

PGI Report Form in Excel

Club Tracking Form in Excel

Individual Tracking Form in Excel

PGI Report Form in pdf

Club Tracking Form in pdf

Individual Tracking Form in pdf