A&A: Awards and Achievements

Gateway District

2017 - 2018 Optimist Year


District Chair: Christy Buss

                          email:  cbuss11111@comcast.net


The District Achievement and Awards Program represents friendly competition between Clubs and Zones in the District. Points are given to Clubs based on a wide variety of their activities. Evaluation and competition is done quarterly throughout the Optimist year.


Contest Deadlines:      1st Quarter: January 15, 2018

                                      2nd Quarter: April 15, 2018

                                      3rd Quarter: July 15, 2018

                                      4th Quarter: October 15, 2018


Club A&A Spreadsheet click here   A&A Instructions click here

Report in printable format


Achievements and Awards Program Instructions 2017-2018

We have removed several line items on the Achievements and Awards Program spreadsheet that can be gathered by the GATEway District.

• PGI Completion of level by a member (100 per member)

• Member obtains Level 10 (500 per member)

• New Members/FOO (200 per member)

• District Dues (250 per quarter)

• Attend District Meeting (Pres/treas/sec 1000 points per member per quarter)

• Attend District Meeting (100 points per member per quarter)

• OI Convention (Pres/Sec/Treasurer attends – 1000 per member)

• OI Convention (any member attends – 250 per member)

• Additional points for First Timer (100 per member)

• Obtain a Club OI Foundation Rep (1000 points)

• Club OIF 365 Recognition (1000 points)

• Dime a Day or higher (100 points per member)

• Support to OIF exceeds 50% or members (2000 points)

• Obtain Club Childhood Cancer rep (1000 points)

• Obtain Club PGI representative (1000 points)

Service to your Community:

1. Service Projects - Must do 3 club service projects, i.e.: Youth Appreciation, Youth Safety, Respect for Law, etc. Must do all 3 before claiming credit 1250 points

2. Additional Service Projects - Service projects for the benefit of the community or kids. For example, working Meals on Wheels, Backpack Buddies 250 points each occurrence OI Sponsored Programs

3. ESSAY CONTEST – For conducting an official club Essay Contest 1000 points

4. ORATORICAL CONTEST – For conducting an official club Oratorical Contest with a minimum of 3 contestants 1000 points

5. COMMUNICATION CONTEST for the DEAF and HARD of HEARING (CCDHH) – For conducting an official club CCDHH contest 1000 points

6. Host a Jr. Golf Tournament – 1000 points

7. Childhood Cancer Event – For conducting a Childhood Cancer Event in your community 1000 points 2

8. WEBSITE and/or FACEBOOK – For developing and maintaining a club website and/or FACEBOOK with current information and providing the website address to the District Webmaster to enable a link from the District website. Per Quarter – 250 points

What have you done for your members:

1. Newspaper/TV/Radio (publicity) - For obtaining publicity through local media (i.e. news Provide documentation. Per Quarter - 250 points (Maximum -1200 points)

2. Recognize member or Community member – A requirement for current Honor club qualifications 500 points

3. Hold a Training Event for members 500 points for each event

4. Issue a club bulletin/update monthly 100 points for each month (Maximum – 1200 points)

5. Conduct a Club Social Event 200 points for each event

6. Conduct a club Social NOW Event 1000 point for each event

7. Honor club Recognition – meet current qualifications (3+ members, current on international and district dues, recognize a club or community member) 1000 points

8. Distinguish Club Recognition – (meet all honor club qualifications, plus build a new club) 5000 points

What have you done for the GATEway District and Optimist International:

1. Optimist Day – 1000 points

2. Add a Dimension of Service – a new project your club has never done before 1000 points

3. Officer-Elect Report filed by due date of 5/20/18 500 points

4. Presidents Pride Report filed by due date of 9/30/18 500 points

5. District Training for new officers – For completing President-Elect and/or Secretary and/or Treasurer-Designate training at the District Convention in August 2017 or November 2017. Per Officer - 500 points (Maximum - 2500 points )

6. International Dues – 250 points per quarter

7. Reel Optimism – 250 points (maximum 1000 points)

8. Submit a Club Grant Application – 500 points

9. A&A Report filed timely – For filing clubs A&A Report on or before the due date as indicated on report worksheet. Each report must be filed for the 1st quarter by January 15th, 2nd quarter by April 15th, 3rd quarter by July 15th, 4th and last quarter by October 15th. Per Quarter - 500 points

10. Sponsor a New Club or Youth Club - For completing sponsorship of new club(s) with 15 or more charter members at the time of the official organizational meeting and certifying completion of the New Club Follow Up program to OI within 90 days. 5000 points

11. Sustaining a new club built by your club for 2 years - Sustained club must obtain honor status one of the two years to qualify. 1000 points

12. Joint club activity – 500 points 3

13. Renovating an existing club with 10 or fewer members and helping the Club attain additional members total between 10/01/17 and 9/30/18. The sponsor club must also complete the Follow-up Program by 9/30/18. 1000 points

14. Inter Club Visit - A minimum of 4 members conducting an official visit to another Optimist Club verified. Must include completed copy of Inner Club visit form. Club can only visit same club once per quarter. Per Visit - 100 points (No Maximum)

15. Attend Zone Meeting (President/Treasurer/Secretary of the Club attends the quarterly Zone meeting Per Quarter -500 points (Maximum 6000 points)

16. Attend Zone Meeting (Club Members) at quarterly Zone Meeting (per member per quarter 250 points)

17. District Jr. Golf sponsors from/by club – For sponsoring a girl and/or boy entry in a District sanctioned tournament (Monies for each contestant sent to the Jr. Optimist Golf District Chair then to District Secretary/Treasurer or Treasurer (if positions separate). Per Person - 500 points (No Maximum)